Self-compassion and Weight

I'm posting an article I found discussing the diet industry. I love this find!  There are many reasons why I love this article but I especially love this quote because it sums up my belief on weight management:
"Self-compassion helps us eat the amount of food that is right for our body', says Dr Kausman. 'If we're feeling good about ourselves, we're more likely to look after ourselves well. That can help us eat more mindfully and make healthier choices.'

I feel it's worth sharing this article as it's the new year and that means time for new exercise programs, new detox/cleanse programs, new diets, new fitness gadgets and packed gyms!  Oh My! I'm really not a fan of this time of year; there shouldn't be anything special about starting the new year and it should be just like any other day.  But I know I'm the exception and the majority of people don't think like me.  We take January 1 as an opportunity to start fresh. What's the quote image that popped up? Page 1 of 365, right? I think a lot of us look at this quote and take this to mean implementing ways to improve our health (i.e. adding exercise into our life or changing eating habits).  But instead of jumping into the next new thing or even before making a change, let's stop, step back and think about the why.  If your goal is something along the lines of adding a workout routine or upping your days at the gym or cutting out carbohydrates, think about why you are making this change. I mean really dig deep and be honest with yourself.  I know it's scary, facing ourselves is scary, but trust me, it's where you start. So then ask yourself, are you making this change to look good in a swim suit or is it because you want to be a healthy example for your children?  Do you want to change because you think losing 10 pounds will give you more self-confidence or is it because you want to be able to live to see your children and grandchildren grow and experience life's amazing gifts?  See where I'm going with this?  You will have more success with achieving your goals when the "why" comes from a place of love and compassion; not from a place of fear that will feed your ego.  Honor your health, honor your body (it's yours and the only one you've got!) and enjoy the ride we call life. Live life to the fullest and you'll be surprised how your goals may be accomplished.

Happy reading!

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