Bacon or no Bacon?

I was at the playground today with the kids and overheard a couple of moms discussing the contradicting messages around nutrition. One line stuck out..."do I eat bacon or no bacon?" She then went on to mention Paleo and before I heard what they said about Paleo I found myself jumping into the conversation.  Jeez and I even told myself "don't do it, don't do it," but I can't seem to help myself.  You can even ask my husband, it isn't just at playgrounds this happens. I've been known to join conversations at grocery stores and restaurants. I embarrass him, hahaha.   It's just that when I hear someone confused about nutrition or misinformation presented I just  have to jump in and have a good ol' conversation about eating and our food.. And of course I do this very tactfully! 

But this playground conversation struck a chord with me.  Why are we always confused when it comes to nutrition, food and dieting?  I bet you all know my thoughts on this because I'm not shy and have blogged about the diet industry and the media. But it's worth saying again....go see a Registered Dietitian for evidence based information and to help clear up the diet myths. Don't fall into the trap of media information or the newest study that just came out.  Oh hey and did you know yesterday was Registered Dietitians Day!  Thought I'd throw that tid bit of information in there for fun. 

Anyways, the fact of the matter is, it really comes down to common sense eating.  Or another method is Intuitive Eating.  Ok laugh all you want about common sense eating because I'm sure there's some eye rolling and what not going on. But yes that is what I believe in.  I know it's super vague and not much "meat" to it, so to learn more about Intuitive Eating or Common Sense eating see the attached article.  This model is what I use personally for myself and my family when speaking about food and nutrition. It's served me well! It's encompasses self-compassion and self-love. It promotes positive self talk and non judgement.  How could you not like this model?

So go on, eat that bacon and love yourself for it! If that's what you are wanting at that point in time and the bacon is calling to you, DO IT!  And then don't beat yourself up for it. Savor every ounce of that salty goodness and move on.  When there's bacon in the house, I enjoy a good bacon and egg sandwich a couple of times a week. Starts my day out right!

Oh and I know this article has to do with weight loss strategies but I apply this idea for just general nutrition.