Menu Planning My Way!

We are officially well into our September challenge and I've already posted a few things that have to do with Nutrition. This challenge is well rounded in that you are getting a little bit of everything that could potentially feed your mind, body & spirit!  I've already posted today's challenge tip/activity but if you are looking for dinner ideas then here it is! I'm getting ready to prep dinner and I thought I'd give you all a sneak peak into how I do my dinners.  I'm a meal planner but here's the thing... I wing a lot of it! I have a basic idea of what I'm doing each night.  I split my nights into themes--Mexican Mondays, Pasta Tuesdays, etc...  So I have my basic ingredients for each meal and then I add whatever I have on hand! 

I tell all my clients and friends the same thing when it comes to meal planning--I go for easy, nutritious and budget friendly! And as a bonus, easy on the clean up.

Dinner for tonight is Tacos! You will find my pantry is always stocked with ingredients that can make enchiladas, tacos, burritos or anything Mexican. Today is Tuesday and usually this is pasta night, but I'm a bit behind and I have my produce in the fridge from last week, so tacos it is because I will add anything to my tacos!

All of my meals start the same, protein, veggie and starch. So for tonight I've got my protein (beans), veggie (whatever I want--I'm adding corn, tomatoes, leeks and peppers) and starch (tortilla shells)!

I've tried in the past to do rotating menus but I've found that they just get too complicated.  By having all of my ingredients for each night's theme on hand at all times, I can think on my feet pretty fast and whip something up fairly easily.

So there ya have it! It's easy, yummy and healthy! Easy peasy and everyone wins!!!