Food Allergies, Food Interolerances', Food Sensitivities...oh my!

Who's confused by all the talk of food allergies, food intolerances' and sensitivities, raise your hand? Oooo oooo me, me me!!! And I'm a Dietitian!  So I can't imagine what and how everyone else feels.  I think my confusion comes in because for those of us growing up in the 80s and prior, maybe even the 90s, it was rare to hear about peanut free zones (probably unheard of), dairy free products, sunflower butter, soy butter, and the list goes on and on.  

Bacon or no Bacon?

I was at the playground today with the kids and overheard a couple of moms discussing the contradicting messages around nutrition. One line stuck out..."do I eat bacon or no bacon?" She then went on to mention Paleo and before I heard what they said about Paleo I found myself jumping into the conversation.  Jeez and I even told myself "don't do it, don't do it," but I can't seem to help myself.  You can even ask my husband, it isn't just at playgrounds this happens. I've been known to join conversations at grocery stores and restaurants. I embarrass him, hahaha.   It's just that when I hear someone confused about nutrition or misinformation presented I just  have to jump in and have a good ol' conversation about eating and our food.. And of course I do this very tactfully!