Intuitive Eating - Nutrition Therapy - Body Image Healing

eating disorder recovery


An appointment with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist provides you with the highest level of Nutrition Counseling & Education.  Together you and the Dietitian Nutritionist team up to work towards your optimal health & nutrition goals!  


Are we a good fit?

As a Dietitian I see clients with many nutritional goals.  My passion is working with those looking to establish, develop, and fine tune their relationship with food and self. This means in this practice I do not prescribe diets, meal plans, and/or tell clients how to eat or what not to eat. You are the expert of your body and health and together we will work together and collaborate to create a realistic and nourishing plan for your goals.

In our sessions you will learn:

  • How to make positive changes and realistic goals for your health

  • Tools and strategies to develop trust with your body and establish eating patterns without guilt and shame

  • How to break free from numbers and scales

  • Learn to become more aware of your current patterns so as to break free from negative self talk/triggers

  • Learn the skills you need to help navigate body image and food patterns


My offerings are a great match to anyone seeking the following:

  • Improve relationship with food

  • Eating Disorder Recovery or disordered eating patterns

  • Binge Eating Disorder

  • Nutrition for the whole family- solve picky eating problems, weight concerns, stop the food fights



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*Currently Meredith does not accept insurance. 



** Payment for services are expected at the time of your appointment.